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Cities are important economic hubs and home to more than half of the world’s population. They are cultural centres and prime destinations for leisure and recreation. Investments in the greenification of cities offer a smart way to significantly improve the social, economic and environmental aspects of the urban living environment. Green infrastructure contributes to better air quality and water management, reduces the heat island effect and has a proven positive effect on the mental and physical well-being of residents.

Romania has developed an action plan to meet the 2030 SDG objectives. The action plan aims to improve urban environments, health, water quality and citizens’ well-being. Romania is looking for ways to make sustainable changes at a local level and manage these changes. The Dutch cluster will add knowledge to the existing Romanian framework and develop sustainable change for the long term.

What makes us a unique partner cluster for Romanian cities and architects?


Long-term sustainable relationships

Long-term sustainable relationships

Because of our thorough understanding of the landscape and smart choices in design and maintenance we are able to develop a holistic and complementing approach for urban landscaping. This doesn’t stop at planting, we create long-term relationships and remain a partner for years to come. In doing so, we are committed to transfer knowledge and expertise to our local partners.

Re-imagine the city together

Re-imagine the city together

We offer practical and attractive solutions for the Romanian cities, because we know which investments are most effective in combination with the wishes and needs for city greenery.

Outdoor space that is attractive for all

Outdoor space that is attractive for all

The use of greenery in cities is shifting from solely aesthetic to more functional, a trend
that we have exported to and incorporated in many other cities.


Trade Missions & activities

This autumn, the upcoming (online) events and trade missions for 2021 will be listed





Agriprogress is no longer working with the PIB ULR, ANTHOS is the new coordinator of the initiative as of May 2021. Please update information on all relevant chapters on the website including contacts. Leon Smet (smet@anthos.org) becomes the main contact point



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Royal Anthos

Anthos represents the companies that trade in flower bulbs and nursery stock products in many consultative structures with governments and organizations at home and abroad. That way, their interests are promoted in the best possible way, while the organization contributes to an improved business climate for its members in the sector.

On behalf of the trade, Anthos participates in organizations, committees and other consultative structures, dealing with promotion, market access, quality, plant health issues, the environment, customs issues, education, research, logistics and spatial planning. Anthos fulfills a supervisory role in the development of (inter) national policies for market access (e.g. United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Russia) and offering assistance in the event of trade barriers in countries all over the world.

Van den Berk Nurseries

Van den Berk Nurseries is a third generation family business specialising in growing medium-size to mature trees and shrubs. It is one of the largest nurseries in Europe when it comes to acreage and to size of the range. Our trees end up in city centres, business premises, parks and private gardens. This process involves our working closely with landscape architects, greenery managers of communities and contractors, garden designers and horticulturalists, enabling us jointly to complete the most successful greenery projects: Our trees can be found all over Europe, from Sweden to France to Russia, from town house gardens to the high rise developments, and that is a source of great pride for us!

Ebben Nurseries

Ebben Nurseries has been active as a producer of trees and other plants for use in green projects since 1862. Based on our green vision and approach to the cultivation of trees, we provide identity to home, working and living environments, create atmosphere and contribute to biodiversity. With a varied and unusual collection of trees and shrubs for every imaginable application, we know how to transform your green project into an impressive outdoor space. Ebben Nurseries also aims to contribute to a broad view of sustainable and green applications in outdoor spaces, as a knowledge partner.

Ebben specialises in multi-stem trees, climbing trees, trees for avenues and parks, characteristic trees and solitary shrubs.


For more than twenty years, Nophadrain has been fulfilling its philosophy of ‘maximize the open space’ with the development and production of smart utility and green roof systems. In doing so, we play an important role in advising before, during and after implementation.

Fully embedded in our company philosophy is one of the key strengths of our systems: the combination of thin layer compositions with excellent mechanical properties. With this we enable planners and applicators to reduce the height of the composition of trafficable (green) roof systems to the minimum. Our smart drainage systems combine the various functional layers for a utility roof construction in one product. With our systems we bring green and public space back into the city and its citizens.

Molter BV

Molter BV is a breeder and grower/exporter of perennials. We are located in the west of Holland famous for the bulb growing area. We are specialized in breeding varieties like Echinacea, Kniphofia, Helenium, Veronica and many other varieties. One of our well respected introduced varieties is the Penstemon Riding Hood Series. We breed perennials for gardens and landscaping but also for cut flower production. We grow more than 500 varieties on our fields and process our plants in our modern facility where we divide and sort our plants and prepare them for export around the world.

JUB Holland

Jac. Uittenbogaard & Zonen BV (JUB Holland) is a traditional family business with a modern touch. Nurserymen since 1910, today we are still growing and exporting quality flower bulbs to more than 30 countries. UB Holland is one of the few remaining companies still operating as nurseryman as well as being an exporter. The annual cycle of growing starts in September, with the planting of daffodils, and ends with the lifting in June-July. Our 90-acre nursery follows the strict environmental regulations of MPS for the growing of tulips, daffodils and alliums.


A world of possibilities–that’s what we see in grass. Tasty and healthy forages with high nutritional value for cattle, fine leaved and attractive green grass for parks and gardens, slow-growing grass for lawns, strong grass for sports pitches and recreation. If you can imagine it, we can create it!

The Royal Barenbrug Group is active in research and the development of grass seed worldwide. Next to that, production, marketing and sales are part of our core activities.

Gebr. Seuren Rozenkwekerijen BV

Gebr. Seuren Rozenkwekerijen BV, an established rose grower name since its foundation in 1838 where expertise and quality are highly valued. Firmly established as a nursery on the international trading front, handling over two million roses annually. Today Gebr. Seuren Rozenkwekerijen BV cultivates over 53 hectares of land, divided up into 39 ha roses, 9 ha conifers and 5 ha container cultivation. Export is now carried out on a worldwide basis. A highly motivated 25-man team (including the directors), which grows to 50 in the high season, is responsible for the continued growth of this healthy family business.

VIC Activating Landscapes

New project development starts with green. VIC Activating Landscapes develops valuable outdoor spaces. We do this with an eye for the environment, in a sustainable way and with a high future value. Both on a rural and urban level and on various scale levels. VIC Activating Landscapes collaborates with designers, architects and executing parties to turn an area into an integrated outdoor concept. Precisely because VIC Activating Landscapes speaks the language of both the architect, gardener and client, VIC Activating Landscapes can practically contribute to smart and attractive solutions.

The Agricultural office of the Netherlands embassy in Bucharest

The Agricultural office promotes the interests of the Dutch agrifood and horticulture sector in Romania and maintains intensive contacts with the local authorities, Dutch and local businesses and civil-society organisations. They make an essential contribution to strengthening the international position of the Netherlands in the areas of Agriculture and Nature by means of:

  • policy support for the purpose of the main department of LNV (Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food);
  • providing business services to the Dutch agribusiness sector;
  • bilateral and multilateral cooperation.


Business Development Group (BDG) acts as local liaison connecting the cluster members with local stakeholders, initiating and organizing activities in Romania. BDG is a management consultancy company with over 25 years of experience in providing market support for Dutch businesses, organizations and initiatives in Romania and the Balkan region.








If you have any questions, please contact the cluster coordinator.